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Imagine having a website that would manage your calendar, contacts, and documents. You’d say “It’s been done” and you’d be right. But now imagine that the same site could also manage your public mailing list, your gigs, and your merchandise inventory and sales… are we getting hotter? Finally, add in the ability to add a database-driven public gigs page, mailing list signup page, and a message board to your existing public website, ALL with three lines of html code and ALL controlled by the same management site. Do we have your attention yet?

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So, check out the details including our online virtual tour and when you’re ready to take the next step toward your success, just click the new account button in the upper left section of the home page to gain instant access to your very own customized band management site. Your account is completely FREE and there are no longer any monthly fees. We accomplished this by bringing our internet hosting internal to SPP Innovations to cut all costs. eBandManger is now offered as a free service to the music industry. Enjoy!